Friday, 19 February 2016

The White Lady and Others

An enigmatic female spirit is sometimes seen in the chapel of Glamis Castle, dedicated to St Michael. This chapel was built by the 3rd Earl of Strathmore and restored by the 13th earl in the 19th century. This White Lady (also known as the Grey Lady) was observed by Lady Granville in one of the pews, the light from the window passing through the figure and forming an odd pattern on the floor. Patrick, 15th Earl of Strathmore, saw the Lady in the same spot and on another occasion watched it walk right through the chapel door.

   A small dressing room next to the Queen Mother's room was home to a ghost which was prone to pulling the bedclothes off people sleeping there.  The entity ceased to be troublesome after the room was converted into a bathroom. Another invisible force was in the habit of opening a heavy door on a landing each night, even when it was locked and had heavy furniture piled against it.  Eventually the door and the wall surrounding it were removed, ending the disturbance.  More inexplicable sounds were heard by a lady visitor in the 19th century.  She was woken at four in the morning by the sound of knocking and hammering, which she assumed was caused by a scaffold being built.  When she mentioned it to her hosts at breakfast they grew pale.  Someone later informed her that the noises were supernatural and always heard before a death in the family.
   The Rev. F. G. Lee wrote about these sounds, which a correspondent assured him were real.  One Lord Strathmore resolved to find the origins of these noises, so one night, so one night when they were worse than usual he unlocked the 'Haunted Room'.  He fainted when he saw what was inside, but he would never speak about it.
   Ghost hunter and author Elliot O'Donnell added several unique tales to the  heap of Glamis legends.  One concerned a woman who visited her cousin, a maid at the castle.  The family was absent and she was allowed to explore everywhere in the building except a room called 'Bluebeard's Chamber'.  In an upper room in the Square Tower she encountered an invisible object which followed her when she fled down the stairs.  she and her cousin then heard the barrel-like object roll across the lawn.  Her cousin said that it presaged some disaster.  The unlucky visitor died soon after.


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