Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Ghosts: 1, General Managers: Nil!

A Strathmore saying, once popular, runs something like:  'Never mind [your problems], ye'll get ower it and intae the big hoose at Glamis!'  Which was probably an ironic way of saying, if you think your problems are so huge, you should be living in the largest house in the district.  There was  no way of escaping the looming enormity of Glamis Castle.  Don't get too big for your boots!

   But can Glamis get too big for its own boots and try to shrug off its own substantial legendary history?  In 2009 the power that be at the castle, or at least those in charge of trying to foster a more 'wholesome' image, tried to turn back the folkloric tide and shun the association of Glamis Castle with monsters, ghosts and any other shuddersome and uncouth beasties.General manager David Adams swore there was no truth in any of the building's supernatural associations.
   Did it work?  Was there a mass exodus of bogles leaving Strathmore in a specially chartered charabanc?  In a word, No!

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