Cast of Characters

Cast of Main Characters who appear in the legends or have contributed towards them

Bowes, Mary Eleanor (1749-1800)
, heiress and wife of the 9th Earl of Kinghorne and Strathmore;  brought the name Bowes as an appendage to the Lyon family.

Bowes-Lyon, Katherine (1926-2014), cousin of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Bowes-Lyon, Claude (1824-1904), 13th Earl of Strathmore.  He became earl in 1865.

Bowes-Lyon, Nerissa (1919-1986), sister of Katherine Bowes-Lyon.

Boyd, Andrew Kenneth Hutchinson (1825-1899),  author of Twenty-five Years at St Andrews.

Campbell, Alexander, of Skipnish (c. 1474-1537), second husband of Janet Douglas, widow of 6th Lord Glamis.

Chambers, Robert (1802-1871), Edinburgh publisher and writer.  Her wrote about Glamis in The Picture of Scotland.

Douglas, Janet (c. 1498-1537), widow of 6th Lord Glamis, burned as a witch.

Fergus, Saint (?), Irish cleric who settled at Glamis, possibly in the 6th century.

Finavon, James Carnegie of Finavon (d. 1765), Angus laird who killed the Earl of Strathmore in May 1728.  Found not guilty of murder.

Foster, Florence (?), cook at Glamis castle in the 1950s who saw various ghosts.

Gabriel, Virginia (1825-1877), English singer and composer.  She stayed at Glamis and supplied stories which ender up in the Ghost Book of Lord Halifax.

Granville, Lady, nee Lady Rose Bowes-Lyon (1890-1967), sister of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, daughter of the 14th Earl and Countess of Strathmore.

Halifax, Lord; Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax (1839-1934), author of the Ghost Book.

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert (1834-1903), English author.  Glamis features in his autobiography.

Harper, Charles G. (1863-1943), author of Haunted Houses : Tales of the Supernatural (1907).

Lindsay, Alexander, 4th Earl of Crawford (1423-1453).  Known as the Tiger Earl and Earl       Beardie (though probably not to his face).

Maclagan, Augusta (1836-1915), wife of William Maclagan, Archbishop of York.  Her maiden name was Lady Augusta Anne Barrington. She was the source of stories transmitted to Lord Halifax about Glamis.

O'Donnell, Elliot (1872-1965), prolific writer and ghost hunter who included stories about Glamis Castle in several of his books, including Scottish Ghost Stories (1912) and Family Ghosts (1934).

Ralston, Andrew (1831-1914), factor of Glamis estate.

Ralston, Gavin (1870-1951), factor of Glamis, following his father Andrew.

Rumbold, Sir Horace, 8th Baronet (1829-1913), diplomat and author of Recollections of a Diplomatist.

Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832). Visited the castle twice and wrote about it in Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft.

Stoney, Andrew Robinson (1747-1810), abusive second husband of Mary Eleanor Bowes.

Thistleton-Dyer, Rev. Thomas Firminger (1848-1923), author of Strange Pages from Family Papers which contained a summary of Glamis legends.

Tweedale, Violet (1862-1936), author of Ghosts I Have Seen (1919).

Wentworth-Day, James (1899-1983), author of The Queen Mother's Family Story (1967, revised 1979).

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