c.1091:  Roger de Leonne, ancestor of the Lyons of Glamis, enters the service of King Edgar of Scotland.

1372:  Robert II gives the thanage of Glamis to John Lyon.

1376:  John Lyon marries Princess Joanna Stewart, daughter of King Robert II.

1382:  Sir John Lyon slain by Sir David Lindsay of Crawford at Balhall, Menmuir.

1728:  John Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne killed in a drunken brawl in forfar by James Carnegie of Finavon.

1827: Publication of Chambers' Picture of Scotland, detailing the legend of Earl Beardie for the first time.

1869:  Couples hear mysterious noises and crashing on the Clock Landing.

(September) 1877:  Visit of Sir Horace Rumbold to Glamis Castle.

(October) 1877:  Visit of Augustus Hare to Glamis Castle.

1879:  Augustus Hare at Glamis Castle again. A K H Boyd visits the castle.

1892:  Publication of the sceptical account of the Glamis legend, Twenty-five Years at St Andrews (Boyd).

1895: Publication of Strange Pages from Family Papers.

1907:  Publication of Haunted Houses : Tales of the Supernatural.

1924:  Publication of Life's Little Day.

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